How Bad Science Helps Diet Culture

An Introduction Whether we realize it or not, we have all experienced the phenomenon of bad science. “Coffee Will Kill You and Your Entire Family” a headline in the local newspaper reads. One week later, you see a different headline bragging about how a “New Study Shows Coffee Can Increase Your Lifespan.” Many people who […]

Weight Loss Reality TV Hurts Contestants and Viewers

From 2004-2016, the show The Biggest Loser aired on NBC. I was definitely aware of this show as it aired, but I was busy watching SpongeBob SquarePants, iCarly, and other wonderful programming instead.

Weight Stigma is More Problematic Than Weight Itself

Our society has worked hard to teach us that those who posses larger bodies are automatically unhealthy, and will die of horrible diseases. “If only they would take care of themselves,” our society preaches, “they would lose weight and be healthy!” Interestingly, research is beginning to show that being the victim of weight stigma may […]

The Minnesota Starvation Experiment and Diet Culture

I miss the good old days where research ethics weren’t so stringent, and we could run experiments more freely to learn about psychology and physiology. Think of all the cool stuff we could study if “human rights” didn’t stand in the way. I kid- thank goodness for research ethics, but they do prevent lots of […]

Spreading Ourselves Thin

First, A Parable Stories have a way of getting through to us and sticking with us for the long haul. The discussion this week is an important one, so we will start this thing off with a parable about spreading ourselves thin from the The 4-Hour Workweek (affiliate) by Tim Ferriss: An American investment banker […]

Break Free From Your Inner Bully

I love jokes, comedy, and humor. Dad jokes are my number one choice of wisecracks. Those are my favorite because they’re light-hearted, and they usually don’t come at anyone’s expense. I actually just heard a really funny one the other day, here it goes:

From Fitspo to Hell No

Hot Bod: that was the name of one of my Pinterest boards when I was a freshman in college. It had pictures of females who had the body that I wanted more than anything. They could wear tight sports bras without that dreaded armpit bulge and spandex bottoms without a fresh-baked muffin top. For a […]

Hedonic Adaptation: Why Getting Your Dream Body Won’t Make You Happy

How many times have you gotten something new, thinking it’ll make you so unbelievably happy every time you use it? It’s fun for a while, and you appreciate it the first few times because you really notice the difference between the old and new things. Unfortunately, those feelings of newness wear off pretty quickly. We […]