Anti-Diet Adult Coloring Book

What a year, huh? Most people are understandably anxious about thousands of different things, but fortunately lots of great coping mechanisms exist. One of the best ways I have found to deal with stress is with soothing activities like coloring! That’s why I have created an anti-diet adult coloring book with encouraging messages and fun graphics.

My hope is that people will spend a lots of time on each page, allowing the messages to really sink in. Plus, once you’re done coloring, you can hang these up around your home to serve as a reminder that diet culture is horrible, and that all bodies are good bodies.

This download could also make a great gift for people in your life that have left the dieting train and are on their way toward food freedom and intuitive eating. Oh, and please send me pictures of your coloring masterpieces on Instagram (@thediabolicaldietitian) when you’re done!

You can scroll down to preview all of the designs below! Your actual download will be free from those pesky red lines. If you like what you see, and you want a piece of the action, hit the button below. I have switched this coloring book to a donate what you want. Every cent helps keep this website running, and I appreciate any and every donation.

After you check out, another button will appear, allowing you to download the coloring book so you can print it instantly!