It’s Time to Rethink Willpower and Self Control

When I was doing my best to stay small and eat the “healthiest” diet possible, I frequently felt proud of myself for avoiding desserts and other “bad” foods at restaurants or parties. A weird, egotistical sense of pride and superiority swept over me, and I would think about how much more willpower and self-control I […]

How Fat Characters are Portrayed in the Media Part 2

An Introduction Welcome to part 2 of our discussion on how fat characters are portrayed in the media. Last week we went over some of the common traits characters in larger bodies are assigned in movies and TV shows. It paints a grim picture of some of my favorite shows, but I remain hopeful that […]

How Fat Characters are Portrayed in the Media Part 1

An Introduction Unless you live in a remote mountain village or intentionally get off the grid, you probably consume media all day long. Even if you are in those situations, you’re almost certainly exposed to at least some form of media, be it newspapers, books, and the like. Sadly, fat characters are portrayed in the […]

Everyone Deserves Self-Care, Not Just the Select Few

I am all about self-care. I love the idea of people taking time out of their day to show themselves some love, because I believe our culture encourages us to ignore our needs and keep working. Self-care became a huge talking point at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, as many people began baking bread […]

The Body Mass Index: Unhelpful at Best, Harmful at Worst

Most of us possess at least a bit of familiarity with the famous, or infamous, body mass index. Maybe you learned about it in physical education or health class, or maybe you have seen it on your medical chart after visiting the doctor’s office. Either way, a good majority of people have been acquainted with […]

Food Morality: Labeling Foods as “Good” or “Bad” is a Dangerous Way to Think

When people find out that I hold the title of registered dietitian, they usually proceed in one of three ways. One, they ask me to make them a meal plan. Two, they want me to explain which foods are “best”. Or three, they tell me that they probably shouldn’t be “bad” and eat dessert in […]

“When the Fat Girl Gets Skinny”: A Deep Dive

One little known fact about me is that a love a good poem, especially when delivered by the poet themselves. You can hear the heart and soul put into the work, and it cuts much deeper than reading a poem on my own. I can spend hours watching poetry on Youtube, each poem giving me […]

Big Tech, Social Media, and Disordered Eating

An Introduction It’s 3am, and you find yourself deep in a Youtube, Instagram, or other application’s rabbit hole. If you’re lucky, you ended up watching hours of funny Vine compilations or cute cat videos. Others may instead stumble upon darker corners of the internet, where conspiracy theories and dangerous ideologies run wild. Maybe, if you […]

Disparities in Eating Disorder Diagnoses and Treatment

Eating disorders are notoriously difficult to diagnose and treat. Sadly, it is estimated that up to 45% of people with eating disorders never receive treatment.1 Some people live nearly their entire lives with an eating disorder that slips detection by a doctor, friend, or family member. Or, loved ones do approach them about their eating […]

Stop Using Appetite Suppression Techniques

An Introduction “How to reduce appetite”, “how to stop eating so much”, “how to stop feeling hungry”. Have you ever searched for the answers to these questions before? I sure have. I typed these inquiries into Google because I had a very specific body type I was striving for, and it felt like practicing restraint […]