I’m Erin! I’m a registered dietitian, and I currently teach nutrition classes in my city.

I chose the name Diabolical Dietitian because during my clinical portion of my internship, I realized that many patients saw me as the evil person that was going to take their beloved chicken nuggets and burgers away. They thought of me as someone who would hide in their bushes at night, bust through their windows, and slap the ice cream sandwich out of their hands when they got home from the hospital.

FYI: Kale isn’t “good” and chicken nuggets aren’t “bad”

Nobody went so far as to call me diabolical, but very few patients wanted talk to me about anything, aside from the enthusiastic few that shared stories of their latest bowel movements. Food choices can be a touchy subject, and people felt like I would give them a stern lecture if they admitted they ate anything besides kale.

I get it, though. If I had just had a heart attack or had suffered through another physician telling me I needed to lose weight instead of giving me viable options, the person who could tell me to only eat three blueberries for lunch would be the last one I would want to see.

What people think I’m going to make them eat for lunch every day

As a lifelong lover of writing, this is my little side project that is more for fun than anything else. I genuinely enjoy crafting articles about finding ways to be more relaxed about food choices and the perils of diet culture. I spend much of my day thinking about these things, and it sets my soul on fire (in a good way, not like heartburn) to transfer them from thoughts to concrete words. I hope you find something useful here!

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