Health at Every Size- August Book of the Month

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An Introduction

Hello and welcome to August!

It’s the first of the month again, and you know what that means: it’s time for The Diabolical Dietitian’s book of the month pick! Last month, we talked about I Might Regret This by Abbi Jacobson. It isn’t about diet culture, but it is about the importance of self-reflection, which I think is pivotal to any anti-diet journey.

This month’s pick is directly related to dieting and diet culture, and I recommended it at the end of Weight Stigma is More Problematic Than Obesity. I picked Health At Every Size (affiliate) by Lindo Bacon for August because I reread it last month, and it really is an amazing introduction and in-depth analysis to the perils of diet culture on our lives.

Me putting all of my purchases into my reusable bag at Half Price Books

What Is Health At Every Size Exactly?

Excellent question, thanks for asking. HAES is the notion that people of all sizes deserve respect and serves as an alternative to the weight-centric approach to healthcare. HAES focuses on weight acceptance and destroying weight discrimination, as well as promoting balanced exercise and eating practices.

Health at Every Size dispels the myth that simply being in a larger body means one is less healthy than being in a smaller body. I don’t think this is talked about enough. Many people feel that they can accurately assess a person’s willpower and determination, as well as overall health, by looking at a person’s size, but that’s just not the case.

Many of us have been taught that obesity causes diseases like diabetes, kidney disease, and more. In the world of science, it takes a ton of evidence to establish causal relationships. We can’t yet say that obesity causes these diseases, though there could be a correlation.

People when you tell them obesity doesn’t cause disease

It’s imperative to realize that our habits and environment likely have much more of an effect on our health than the number on the scale. Health At Every Size dives deep into the research that Lindo and their team have conducted, as well as other research that suggests habits and our surroundings mean more than weight in terms of health.

Health At Every Size also discusses the difficulties that people in larger bodies face from weight stigma. Dr. Bacon discusses the importance of being more accepting toward people of all sizes, and providing appropriate accommodations, such as chairs without arms in waiting rooms. These are things that those of us in smaller bodies never consider, but they greatly affect people in larger bodies daily.

Waiting rooms can be unpleasant for everyone, but they’re especially terrible for those in larger bodies when they lack appropriate accommodations

My definition of HAES is very simplified, so if you aren’t yet familiar with Health At Every Size principles, this is a must read. While you’re waiting for your copy of it to be delivered, you can find free excerpts and downloads on Dr. Bacon’s website to get a preview of the golden nuggets of information you’re about to receive from the book.

I would also highly recommend reading Dr. Bacon’s free Health At Every Size Manifesto. This thorough, evidence-based document compiles and demystifies many of the common assumptions people have about obesity and those in larger bodies. If you feel comfortable doing so, you may also consider sharing this manifesto with people in your life who you believe might benefit from it as well.

Despite being scientific an evidence-based, this book doesn’t read like a boring textbook. It’s well-written and relatable, and I truly enjoyed rereading it. I can’t say enough good things about Health At Every Size (affiliate) and the work Dr. Bacon continues to do on behalf of people of all sizes. These topics are so important, and not just for people in larger bodies, but for all of us. Check this book out as soon as you can!

Health At Every Size was published in 2010, and Dr. Bacon has since written another book with Dr. Lucy Aphramor called Body Respect. I have not yet read this book, but it is coming up on my very long “to read” list. Check it out if you’re interested in this one too!

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