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Food anxiety and repeated dieting is common for Americans. It seems like everyone I talk to is trying to manipulate their body to look a certain way with a wide variety of methods; namely, restrictive food choices and diet trends.

There are many reasons why people want to shrink their bodies, but it turns out that doing so in the name of health isn’t as valid as one might think. Driving one’s self to madness by avoiding desserts and entire food groups altogether may seem like the right thing to do, since everyone else is doing it, but what is it really getting us?

I created this blog because this is exactly what I needed years ago, when my struggle with body image, chronic dieting, and food restriction was at an all-time high. I grew weary from exercising to “make up for” overeating, and I was simply exhausted in every sense of the word. And for what? A body that I still wasn’t satisfied with.

Each Friday, I drop a new article about food anxiety and the perils of diet culture. Step on over here to read my latests posts and catch up on ones you might have missed. Also be sure to check out my Instagram where I post anti-diet memes featuring my followers’ pets- your furry friend could be next! It’s a fun project, and it’s a light-hearted way to talk about the tough stuff.

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